Reading the registry via Win32API


I had no idea just how badly my knowledge of C programming was until I attempted to read a single value from the registry.

In the end I found that the majority of my problems were because of UNICODE being defined for Windows XP and Windows Vista. For all I know it’s probably defined for Windows 2000 and newer.

I “cheated” in a way and used the ANSI versions of the functions due to my inexperience. Hopefully I’ll be able to revisit the project in the future and fix it the way it should have been to begin with.

Sweet sweet success

Today was an interesting sort of day. I fixed the last remaining issue from the implementation yesterday of a Python script to configure printer settings and demoed a project to regulate volume levels for public access systems.

I almost couldn’t believe that I finally got the project working; albeit the code is ugly and error checking is scarce but I’m impressed that I finally managed to build something useful with C++. You can only get so far with Hello World. It was also great to see people nod in appreciation when I demonstrated it.

It’s nice to feel useful every now and then. 😉

Oh yeah, I also ruined a batch of Cream of Wheat. It turns out I didn’t burn it – I just didn’t add enough Cream of Wheat. When it failed to thicken after 2.5 minutes I chalked it up to the lack of salt (a bonehead conclusion on my part). I didn’t realize that I grabbed a 1/4 cup instead of 3/4 cup. Oh well.

I also received a very thought provoking email reply from my brother. I’ll have to mention that again when I feel like writing more.