Counting the number of items in a line

This short script was used to count the number of pipes in a line. I wanted to have 9 per line so the Dokuwiki table would be displayed properly, so this script let me know which lines were busted.

# Purpose: 
#     Get number of pipes per line. The first line should be what you 
#     want the others to match

import re
import os
import sys

game_collection_file = sys.path[0] + os.sep \
    + 'game_collection_dokuwiki_list.txt'
game_collection_fh = open(game_collection_file)

rexp = re.compile(r"\|")

count = 0
for line in game_collection_fh:
    count += 1
    match = rexp.findall(line)
    if len(match) != 9:
        #print "Number of pipes on line %s: %s " % (count, len(match))
        print "line %s: %s " % (count, len(match))