C++ Programming requires patience

Since September I’ve been working through Ivor Horton’s Beginning Visual C++ 2008 and have been making pretty good progress.

Thanks to the good folks at cprogramming.com, I’ve been steered back on course by numerous helpful posts while working through chapter exercises.

I’m very close to wrapping up chapter 8 and then I’m on to chapter 9, Inheritance and Polymorphism. It isn’t until chapter 12 where I am introduced to Windows programming, and by then I’ll have been exposed to the STL and misc debugging techniques; I should be ready.

The most important thing I’ve picked up so far is that learning C++ requires a lot of patience. I’ve yet to work with reading/writing files or interfacing with the OS aside from console output, so I don’t feel I’ve accomplished anything useful with the code I’ve written, aside from laying foundation for what’s to come.

I’ll have to take solace that when I do reach that point, I should be capable of what I hope to accomplish without undue hair pulling.