Re-enabling the prompt to install extension updates

Perhaps you just like to be in control of things, or perhaps it’s not really that but the lack of notification that there was an update and now something isn’t working right. Well, was it an update or something else?

That’s where I’m coming from. I received a very brief installation complete/success sort of fade in/out notification while using Mozilla Firefox for Android today and I’m still not 100% sure which app was responsible. But anyway, I digress.

Digging around I found the following descriptions of the options via the old UI that was tweaked back around version 10.


The options dialog has an “Automatically Update: Add-ons” checkbox.


The add-ons manager has an “Update Add-ons Automatically” check menu.

This gives a good breakdown:

That these are different settings and how they are different is unclear. The first one controls automatic checking and should be titled something like “Auto check for add-on updates.” The second, controls auto installation after detection and should be titled something like “Auto install detected updates.” And ideally, they should appear next to each other.


This appears to control whether the user is notified

So, if I set extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault to false, extensions.update.notifyUser to true and leave extensions.update.enabled set to the default of true I expect to be notified when extensions are ready to be updated.

For the Android version, I came across extensions.autoupdate.enabled, and Google searches aren’t telling me much. Perhaps I’ll check to see if there is a SVN or Git repo and check the code for clues.


This Bugzilla page explains it well enough:

Background update of add-ons/addons: Make success notification/toast ‘Installation complete’ more informative or remove it

Edit #2:

I have extensions.update.enabled set to true which I hope is what caused Firefox to look for extension updates, app.update.autodownload set to disabled (through the official menu option) which I expect will stop automatic updates of the app itself and extensions.autoupdate.enabled set to false.