Francis Glassborow’s homepage is offline

It probably comes as no surprise, but content gets shuffled about and at some point gets lost, misplaced or thrown away. I’m hoping this isn’t a case of the latter, but Francis’ homepage is giving the dreaded 404 error when trying to view the resources page for his books.

Thankfully I’ve previously created a PDF of the errata page and have downloaded all material, but if you’re one of those who haven’t yet, please see these resources kindly provided by Jaime Moreno here and here. Of particular note is the link to building the fgw library on Mac OS X.

In addition, I have instructions for how to compile the library using Quincy 2005 (the book uses Quincy 2002) and the current MinGW here.

I hope this helps someone.


Those instructions also provide a link to a public Subversion repository that contains revisions of the library from the book’s accompanying CD, the author’s website and from the publisher’s website for the book.