Impulse Power, Ensign

Another day and some progress. A Wiki has been started, groceries purchased and a Cordon Bleu lunch a week ahead of my birthday. Not a bad way for the day to go.

I think I’ve managed to read another page of a C++ book I borrowed from the library but I still feel pretty good about my progress. I can see how I could overuse that word, but it’s really been a concern of mine lately. I’ve read C++ books in the past but felt pretty overwhelmed. I also got distracted a bit by other things, namely video games.

Of course with me being ‘me’, I don’t tend to stay on one topic for too long. Something usually comes along and grabs my attention and I’ll be derailed by it for a while. I suppose that could be called fickle, but I like to think I’ll get back to it eventually.

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