Fall feeling in the air

I rushed outside this morning (running behind) to find the air crisp and feeling very much like my favorite season on the way.

Work was “work” and progress seemed to crawl along. I managed to complete (let’s hope) a Python script to inject binary values into two registry keys depending on what system it runs on. The keys represent “mail boxes” for locked printer jobs.

The hex encoded binary string is 8176 characters long (only stating it because I’m sort of amazed at the length) and contains all settings for that printer. I wonder if the devs realized that breaking individual settings out into subkeys would be a good thing?

Oh well.

I’m also making good progress on an audio volume limiter (governor). It’ll run every X seconds and make sure that the various mixer volume levels are within a set threshold. If not the volume controls will be lowered to the maximum allowed.

The concept and pseudocode is pretty simple, but dealing with the WinAPIs is another story.

Thankfully I found an article showing how to set the master volume and I managed to get the waveOut code from there. I had no idea just how ugly working with ALL CAPS TYPEDEFS CAN BE. IT’S NOT LIKE IT MAKES IT HARD TO READ OR ANYTHING. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.