ActivePython license

It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that although the licenses for various modules that Synclosure uses are being respected, I hadn’t closely looked at the license for ActivePython, which comes into play when using cx_Freeze to “wrap” the application and ActivePython together for distribution.

So I checked it:

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virtual box win2ksrv vm

These are some misc notes on setting up a Windows 2000 Server virtual machine using VirtualBox. I could also use VMware Server, and I may end up doing that, but I’d like to give VirtualBox a try as I haven’t used it yet.

Windows 98 – not missed

I’ve been playing around with VMware Player and MS Virtual PC 2007 this weekend and using a guest installation of Windows 98 as the test.

I built the VM using MS Virtual PC 2007 and copied it over to another machine to boot it using VMware Player. It started up and started detecting new drivers. After several, “Do you wish to restart your computer now?”, screens I was reminded just how spoiled recent Windows versions have made me. With Windows 7 I didn’t even have to reboot when installing video card drivers. Pretty neat!

Of course if you’ve any *NIX experience it’s old news to be able to do that, but for Windows users it’s a big deal.

Neat stuff. 🙂