Still breathing

Still around. At some point I really need to spend the time to write something worth posting here. Most of my notes end up in a private ticketing system with the goal of cleaning them up and posting publicly, but it’s not working out very well.

One thing I will be working on in the coming year is migrating many older/smaller projects over to GitHub. While SVN is still a very useful tool, GitHub is an amazing platform for collaborative development. I’ve been using it quite a bit in the last few months and I’ve come to really appreciate its usefulness. Where I once saw “forking” a project as harmful to a project, I’ve come to understand that Git doesn’t encourage a different model of thinking or coding, it just opens up some options that were not there before. The concern I had about developers taking the code, going off into a cave and not committing back is probably best handled by policy/development culture than it is by the version control system.

Clarity comes after the fact

A lesson that I am continually (re)learning is that clarity comes after time has passed. By then the opportunity to undo harm (should it ever have been available) is often long gone. Realizing this either paralyzes you with indecision (I’m often afflicted by this), causes you to be cautious or perhaps encourages throwing caution to the wind. Such are the trials of an observant mind (optimistically speaking).