Clarity comes after the fact

A lesson that I am continually (re)learning is that clarity comes after time has passed. By then the opportunity to undo harm (should it ever have been available) is often long gone. Realizing this either paralyzes you with indecision (I’m often afflicted by this), causes you to be cautious or perhaps encourages throwing caution to the wind. Such are the trials of an observant mind (optimistically speaking).

Finished first Linux Software RAID wiki entry

Thankfully all went well with the recovery of the Software RAID devices and I was able to finish up the first wiki entry that I wrote while I was going through the process. At some point I hope to repair another server and will use that experience to expand on the existing entry or add a separate page.

The only regret I have about the current wiki is that I didn’t set it up sooner. I have far too many paper notes that are sitting in binders on the shelf instead of up somewhere where bots can crawl them and offer them up as search results. Had I used the wiki approach long ago they might have helped someone out.

Oh well, better late than never.