The Witcher:Rise of the White Wolf

View leaked console port trailer

View (currently) the ‘crack in the wall’ teaser

From what I can tell, CD Projekt Red is doing the Blizzard ‘thing’ and teasing fans with what three titles they’re currently working on. The first link is to a user posted video where one of their developers is talking about his work on the console port, the second is a link past their age gate where, at the moment, there are three cracks in the wall.

The user posted video should be considered a leak as forum moderators were frantically removing links to the video as soon as they came across it. Though CD Projekt Red personnel claim that posts are not deleted, posts do indeed go missing. Those who quickly posted the video either found their post(s) deleted or edited to remove the link. In the past I’ve had one or two of my posts be deleted for various reasons. One was because I poked fun at a mod. I guess he didn’t appreciate my humor or realize the policy of not removing posts.

Lastly, here is a forum thread where I’m guessing the devs meant to incite the famed Blizzard fan fervor for their latest announcement. Instead it’s dissolving into conspiracy theories ranging from ‘PC as the target platform’ abandonment to soaking up fix suggestions for the PC version and releasing it on consoles.

Personally, I’m just bummed out that the improvements they’re putting into the console won’t be coming to the PC.

That post was made before they made the official announcement that they have three projects. One of which is the console port, but of the other two no mention has been (officially) made. So, my disappointment is on hold, but the holding the breath thing isn’t much fun either.

Let’s hope Tuesday brings some awesome news, because at this point I’m barely staying optimistic. But for now I am; really. I keep reminding myself of what they did for their first release customers (free EE pack) and hope they’ll do the same again.