More wiki content for Francis Glassborow’s FGW Library

I spent much of today working on the directions for building the latest FGW Library source code using current MinGW or the version bundled with Quincy 2005 (Quincy 2002 was used in the book, but is no longer available). In addition, I also worked through the source code downloads from the author’s website and the publisher’s book page and merged them all, starting with the original CD source files and ending with the zip files available from the publisher’s site. The results are an unofficial public source code repository for The FGW Library, aka “Playpen” and a new project page here.

My goal is to merge the source code changes provided by Jaime Moreno and other community patches around the web. It will be a low priority task for me, so I’d be more than happy to turn it over to someone else that has a strong interest.